Welcome to Colorado Student Care

Colorado Student Care (CSC) is a registered non-profit corporation. We are a community driven project targeting high school students to pursue higher education. We are aware that students and parents do not typically receive sufficient information or direction when it comes time to pursue higher education. We take pride in providing both with a clear picture of what lies ahead, and preparing them for it.


"Because of the help we have received, my son has learned time organization and better study habits. We would highly recommend this organization to anyone with a college education as a goal."

"CSC gives them needed accountability in a safe, no pressure environment."

"I would recommend your program to anyone who is willing to commit the time and effort to complete the program."

"CSC has target areas of success and need and tailored a program just for her."

"I feel that the one-on-one help that my student has received from the CSC program has motivated him in a way that he could not have achieved in public school."

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